About us

My name is Julian Cem Boyce (Admin: Muttwit) and this is a site devoted to stories about doggies
(fourlegs) and their idiotic relations with people (hindlegs), told exclusively from a 1 meter height point
of view.
You don’t have to be a fourlegs lover, acquaintance or even distant admirer to follow the stories that
will appear – once a month – on this site. Who knows, you may even end up wishing to bring them
closer into your life after. Who knows! But that’s your own story…
This is mine.
Swallow’s Doggies is open to everyone, of every type, race, colour, creed, and orientation. Fourlegs
don’t have a political agenda, and, on this site neither do I. Neither should you.
Finally, if the stories take off, I will turn the benefits into aiding animal shelter charities. Not sure how
I’ll do it yet, but the doggies and me will work something out.
That’s it. Here we go.
Welcome to the sniffy world of Swallow’s Doggies…